Nikitas Cruise Kos Greece

3 Island tour

Cruise with our beautiful green ship and visit 3 Islands on one day. Pserimos Kalymnos and Plati for a Greek experience


Pserimos is a small island that only has about 25 inhabitants in the wintertime. Lay down at the beach and go for a swim. Here you see the Greek famous blue and white style of Greece. Take a sweet drink at the restaurants or buy some souvenirs


Kalymnos is a much bigger island. Famous about their icecream. A heritage of the Italians that were on the island during 30 years in the 20th century.
A beautiful island where you can visit the sponge musea. Take a train ride or just enjoy the ice cream flavours


Plati is like a rock in the branding. Here you can spot almost every time dolphins if it is not too windy. We also stop to take a swim in the clear Greece waters and for those who dare take a dive from the boat

"Visit our green ship the Nikitas"

For a great holiday experience on the Greek Mediterranean
We welcome you on board for a life experience in a day


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